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Wild Hogs

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Wild pigs, wild hogs, wild boar, feral pigs as they are commonly known in the state of Texas are not a native animal species. They are believed to have been introduced into Texas as early as the 1500s by Spanish explorers.

Dallas Wild Hog Control

Wild hogs are some of the most dangerous and destructive invasive creatures in the United States. They’re estimated to cost property owners over a billion dollars in damage each year. They’re highly intelligent, adaptable, fast runners, and eat just about anything. Handling a wild hog invasion requires expert assistance and shouldn’t be attempted by untrained individuals.

Wild hogs are omnivores and will eat just about whatever they can find, from fruits, roots, vegetables, and nuts to small animals, snakes, birds, and insects. They’ve also been known to eat carrion and can threaten local ecosystems with the damage they do to forests, soil, and the contamination of water sources.

These invasive creatures are known to plunder yards and fields at night, looking for anything they can possibly eat. They aren’t subtle creatures, and whatever they don’t eat is often trampled, dug up, or crushed. Livestock are also at risk, as wild hogs may attack and attempt to eat smaller animals. They’re notoriously aggressive, and some grow sharp tusks capable of goring humans. They will charge if provoked, and in addition to the wounds they can inflict, they carry several infectious diseases. Wild hogs are some of the most dangerous animals that can invade a property, which is why they’re popular among game hunters.

Critter Control in Dallas knows the damage these animals can cause. We have over 30 years of experience dealing with all sorts of animal control and removal. Wild hogs are incredibly dangerous, destructive, and difficult to manage. Due to their aggressive and destructive nature, it’s best to handle them quickly and efficiently before they can destroy land or hurt anyone.

Relocating them requires expert knowledge and experience, and we use the most effective and humane methods to move these animals away from human-populated areas. Contact Us or call for more information.


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