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Seeing several bees around your property could mean there is a hive or swarm nearby. Trying to remove the bees yourself could put you at risk for getting stung as well as possibly harming the bees. Honeybees are essential to our environment because many species of plants and fruit bearing trees would not be pollinated without them. Should honeybees ever become extinct, the plants and trees that depend on them would certainly die out. Although these incredibly tiny creatures have such an enormous amount of impact on the life of our planet, they can become a nuisance while we are doing things outdoors.

What Type of Bees Could You Be Dealing With?

If you see bees buzzing around, there’s probably a good chance you aren’t getting close enough to them to see what type of bees they could be. However, if you can tell what kind of bees may be invading your property, you will have a better understanding of what their purpose is and how you should handle the situation. Bees aren’t interested in people, and unless you accidently smush them or attack their hive, it’s rare they will sting you.

Where Bees Can Be Found on Your Property

Larger bee hives are often hard to detect because they are generally in tree tops, while smaller hives are inside light fixtures or underneath porches and stairway railings. As much as bees can be helpful, they can also cause damage to your home. Female carpenter bees can bore holes into your wood so neat and clean; they look as if they were made with a power drill. If you notice sawdust on your sills or stoops, check for holes inside the wood. There, you could find a female’s reproductive nest where she’s laid her eggs inside the hole. During spring, the bees will begin emerging from the hole in a single file.

Let the Professionals Assist You with Your Bee Problems

Although bees intentions are never to seek out humans and attack them, they are insects and will sting you if bothered or threatened. Bee attacks large in scale can be life threatening, especially if you are allergic. If you are having a bee problem, it’s best to let professionals assist you with relocating the hive or nest. The trained staff at Critter Control of Dallas can successfully remove bees from your property in a humane way which will not harm the bees or put residents at risks. Contact us on the web or call us at 817-222-1101 for the safe and efficient prevention and removal of bees.


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