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Opossum Control

Opossums are the only marsupial native to the United States, and like other nuisance wildlife, they are omnivorous and capable of creating quite a mess in and around commercial and residentialOpossum properties. Perhaps best known for their ability to play dead when confronted by danger (think of the term “playing possum), they are slightly smaller than a raccoon in size, and are typically gray and white with a pointed snout and ears.

Do I have an opossum problem?

Opossums are great for controlling insect and pest populations, but the issue is that they tend to build nests in or around homes and manmade structures when they can. They have been known to enter houses through pet doors, screen enclosures, or even openings in roofing eaves. No matter where on your property they nest, they will do damage, make a mess, and can even spread disease. If you’ve begun to notice strange noises at night, not-so-small animal droppings, or a turned up garden or garbage cans, you may have an opossum problem.


The best way to get rid of opossums is to take measures to ensure they don’t infest your property. Be sure to close off any potential entry points around your house, ensure that screened-in porches are in good repair, and that trash bins are either closed and locked, or kept inside.

If opossums have already started to take control of your property, professional opossum control services are by far the most effective means of getting rid of them. Though they are not typically aggressive, opossums can scratch and bite if they feel threatened; potentially spreading bacteria and disease.

At Critter Control® of Dallas, we specialize in all forms of commercial and residential nuisance wildlife management, including removing opossums. Our technicians are trained and equipped to safely remove the animals and repair any damage they may have caused during their stay. If you’ve found opossums on your property, call us today at 817.222.1101 to schedule your home inspection and estimate.


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