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You may see armadillos more often on the side of roads than in your yard, but if you’ve ever had them invade your Dallas Armadilloproperty, you will understand what a nuisance they can be. Armadillos are found all over Texas and cause lots of destruction to lawns and gardens as they root for grubs and insects to eat.

Armadillos Appearance and Habitat

Armadillos are about two feet long at adulthood with a sharp sense of smell, strong legs and claws. They have long snouts, scaly tails, and teeth hidden in the backs of their mouths. Most people can identify armadillos from the dark brown or gray, scaly shell that covers their body.

Thick underbrush, forests, dense woodlands, or marshlands are the most attractive habitats to armadillos, but they are no strangers to farms or private property where food may be most accessible to them.

Why Armadillos Can Pose a Threat to Your Property

Although armadillos usually run from things they feel threatened by, they can still cause numerous problems for homeowners. Their digging makes 3×5 inch ugly holes throughout landscapes as well as the structural damage they can cause from burying large tunnels. Armadillos aren’t territorial, so if you’re seeing continual destruction, it may not be created from the same one every time.

Let the Experts Help

Critter Control of Dallas has over 30 years of experience in handling armadillo issues as well as any other wildlife problems you may be experiencing. We have the proper tools and knowledge to humanely trap and relocate unwanted pests. We will check for entry points on your property and help you with ways to prevent them for returning. Contact us on the web or call us at 817-222-1101 for help with any critter issues you may be having at your home or business.


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