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Your home is a safe place for you and your family, a place to come back to at the end of each day to recharge your batteries, but when nuisance creatures like bats make their way in, they threaten that safety. While bats don’t normally come into close contact with humans, an infestation that is allowed to grow can lead to serious health problems for your family, and big repair bills for your home.

The Dangers of Bats

The most well-known danger of bats is their potential for spreading harmful diseases like rabies, but the biggest danger often comes from their feces, also known as guano. Guano often contains harmful fungus and bacteria which put your loved ones at risk for diseases like histoplasmosis if disturbed. Guano has a dry, dusty consistency so even a small disturbance can send spores all throughout your home. In addition to guano’s health risks, it is also corrosive and can damage important structures within your home if allowed to sit for long periods of time. Bat guano anywhere in your home or on your property is a telltale sign of bat activity, and you should contact the experts here at Critter Control® of Dallas immediately.

Expert Removal

Due to the important role they play in our local ecosystem, the utmost care needs to be taken when removing them from home. These creatures are protected by law in many areas, and homeowners should never attempt to remove them on their own. Instead, trust the team with over three decades of experience in animal removal to help you. Call Critter Control® of Dallas today at 817-222-1101 to schedule your home consultation.


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