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How to Recover From Rodent Insulation Damage

If there’s one place that rodents love hanging out, it’s your attic. Not only is it one of the easiest places to access from the outdoors, but it’s also the quietest part of your home. When rodents stay in your attic for too long, they leave a buildup of waste, create a huge mess, and […]

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How to Identify Rodent Entry Points Around Your Home

Rodents might not cover their tracks once they enter your home, but they might not leave a trail of droppings for you to follow either. To identify potential rodent entry points around your property, here are all of the places to check from top to bottom. Roof and Attic You don’t necessarily have to climb […]

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The Best Ways to Keep Snakes Away from Your Home

When you want to keep strangers from wading around your yard, you install signals that make intruders feel unwelcome. However, no matter how many “No Trespassing” signs you decorate your yard with, there are some visitors that just don’t get the message, including nearby snakes. So, if you want to protect your property from passerby […]

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3 Reasons Rodents Love Your Home

From helping spread disease to chewing up belongings, rodents have been plaguing humanity since the dawn of time. The last thing a homeowner wants is one of these pests infesting their home. That’s why it is important to know what these vermin seek so that you can reduce the desirability of your property and limit […]

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Can I Use Bait to Trap a Wild Animal?

If you’re experiencing a pest problem, you may consider bait trapping as a quick, convenient, and simple solution to rid your property of wild animals, but you should never take shortcuts when it comes to animal control. Even if you manage to safely capture and release your property’s pest with bait trapping, you won’t be […]

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