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Do Pest Control Companies Get Rid of Snakes?

Although common garden snakes in Texas are non-venomous and help to keep rodents and other invasive pests away from your home, the sight of a snake on your property can be terrifying. With more than 50 different native species of snake in the state, it can be hard to identify whether it’s friend or foe […]

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Common House Spiders Found in Texas

Many pests love the warm weather and sunshine Texas provides. One of those is spiders. While many are content with living amongst humans, we are not so comfortable having to share our private space with any eight-legged arachnids, especially, when we are unsure of whether they could be harmful. Most spider bites aren’t strong enough […]

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Bat Removal Regulations

Possibly one of the most misunderstood animal species in the world, bats are incredibly beneficial to people and the earth in general. Bats typically consume 1/3 of their bodyweight in insects each night, with some bats eating upwards of 3,000 mosquitoes per day. Other species are effective pollinators in desert and tropical climates. The government […]

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5 of Texas’ Unique Bat Species

Texas is famous for a lot, including football, barbecue, and our unofficial motto “everything’s bigger in Texas.” One of those things that’s bigger here in Texas is our bat population. In fact, Texas has the highest population of bats in the country, and is the home of the single largest colony of bats in the […]

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How to Fight a Rat Infestation

It’s one of those things you think will never happen to you. You keep your home too clean, your house is too new, no rat would ever be able to get in and infest your property, right? Rat infestations are more common that you might think, and when it happens, it is not something to […]

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