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Bat Extermination

Texas state laws require specific actions are taken when finding bats inside a home or business which include:Dallas Bat

  • Removing the bat and colony (if present)
  • Repairing the structure to ensure bats are excluded in the future
  • Disinfecting the areas where bats roosted

There are federal and state regulations that protect bats from being exterminated using chemicals such as insecticides, rodenticides, disinfectants, and mothballs. Not only is exterminating bats in Texas destructive and illegal, but it never solves the problem. The only humane and correct way to remove bats is with a live exclusion.

Bat Removal Ethics

Critter Control® of Texas follows specific standards to ensure that you and your family, as well as the bats, are kept safe by:

  • Always performing a proper live exclusion
  • Never using poisons or fumigants to kill bats
  • Never using traps to relocate bats
  • Never attempting to remove bats during maternity season
  • Sealing all entry points to keep bats from re-entering
  • Offering attic clean up and decontamination services
  • Repairing and restoring any damages caused by the bats

Call an Expert

Bat removal is not easy and should never be attempted by untrained individuals. If you have a bat problem, let the professionals at Critter Control® of Dallas assist you in safely excluding them from your property. For more information or to schedule your home inspection, call us today at 817-222-1101 or fill out a form online.


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