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Critter Control® of Dallas has built a reputation as the premier animal removal solution in the area for the past three decades. Our wealth of knowledge and cutting-edge removal methods allow us to safely and quickly remove any nuisance animals from your property. Though they appear friendly and cute, squirrels are notorious for causing all sorts of trouble around the home. They love stealing food from bird feeders, and if they find a way into your house, they can cause all sorts of expensive damage. On top of that, they bring bacteria in with them that can make your home unsanitary and pose health problems for anybody inside. Certain situations call for more permanent measures than trapping and relocation, and when squirrel extermination is the best option for you, Critter Control® of Dallas is here to help.

Squirrel Damage

Despite a squirrel’s small size, the amount of damage it can do to your home shouldn’t be underestimated. They love finding ways into attics because of the shelter and seclusion they provide, which makes them perfect for nesting and having their babies. Their teeth and claws allow them to gnaw and scratch holes in weak spots around the outside of your house, like roofing soffits or fascia boards for example. Once inside, they often tear up important structural components for nesting material.

Perhaps the most unsettling damage squirrels cause is to the walls and ceiling. The longer they’re in the house, the more they will urinate and defecate, which inevitably eventually soaks through the drywall. In addition to the strong smell, it can cause staining and spread bacteria through the house.

Hire a Professional

Even a small squirrel problem can turn into something serious if left untreated. The best way to ensure the problem has been taken care of is to eliminate the squirrels and seal up the holes they used to get in. The expert technicians at Critter Control® of Dallas can rid your home of squirrels, sanitize areas that were soiled, and repair any damage the critters may have caused. Call us today at 817-222-1101 to schedule your consultation.


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