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Squirrel Control

Sure squirrels look cute when they’re hanging out in a tree gnawing on an acorn. When they’re hanging on your porch squirrel control dallasscreen with their nails creating holes, not so much. Squirrels may seem cute and harmless, but they can cause severe damage to your home and yard. Known for being agile and persistent, squirrels will find ways to gain access to your home. These unwanted house guests build nests, taking advantage of the warmth and safety your home provides for them.

Critter Control of Dallas has experience with all squirrel-related situations. If you have tried different DIY methods to remove the squirrel(s) on your own and were unsuccessful, let Critter Control of Dallas assist you in removing them thoroughly and humanely. While waiting for help from a professional, consider the following to help avoid a destructive situation and to keep your family safe.

What to Avoid

Although there are numerous over-the-counter products on the market to help with squirrel control, we do not recommend them. Chemical alternatives, such as rodenticides, are not only toxic to the mammals that ingest them but can be a secondary poisoning risk to animals that find and feed on the dead rodent corpses. They may help take care of the current problem, but rodenticides inside the home will not help prevent squirrels from accessing your home in the future. A few other things you should try to avoid are:

  • Catching a squirrel on your own, potentially putting yourself at risk to catch viruses and parasites if you are bitten.
  • Due to possible diseases, cleaning up carcasses or droppings on your own can be dangerous.
  • Leaving your home unprotected from future invasions.

What to Do

There are things you can do to help you with squirrel control such as making a homemade squirrel repellent. However, if you want to make sure your pesky rodent problems are solved without having to make several attempts on your own, try these tips instead:

  • Hire professionals who have experience with humane professional baiting and trapping techniques.
  • Take precautions and have your home properly inspected and sealed.
  • Have your home cleaned and disinfected for the safety of you and your family’s

Your Squirrel Control Solution

If you are experiencing any issues with squirrels on your property or in your home, call Critter Control of Dallas at 817-222-1101 or visit our website to get a free estimate and learn how our certified wildlife management team can not only handle the problem but help secure your home to prevent future intrusions.


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