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Wildlife removal in Dallas can be a big job. Dallas’ warm climate and many wooded areas are the perfect place for a number of different household pests. This presents a challenge for any company in the wildlife removal or animal control business.

However, if you have a problem with any type of wild creature big or small, Critter Control® of Dallas is the most experienced and accomplished wildlife removal company in Texas. Our trained specialists work with large animals like wild pigs down to small creatures like mice, rats, raccoons and squirrels.

The reason to go with an experienced company like Critter Control is that each of the different animals that pose an animal control threat in Dallas takes a different approach. Working to remove bats from your attic takes different knowledge and techniques than protecting your back yard from wild hogs. Critter Control’s wildlife management technicians are trained to understand that bats are protected in Texas and there are only certain techniques that can be used to remove them from your home. Our technicians also know that the best way to humanely remove raccoons, opossums and snakes so that they don’t further damage your home or leave an unsafe situation for your family.

Whatever the wildlife removal challenge you face, rely on Critter Control® of Dallas to help solve your problem. Call us or Contact Us today.



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