Rodents in the Attic

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Rodents in the Attic

Rodents are some of the most invasive pests already on your property, and can pose an enormous problem if they make their way into the warm, damp confines of your attic.

Fortunately, Critter Control Dallas has extensive experience with rodents in the attics of Dallas area homeowners, and should be the first call you make if you notice any of these warning signs:

What Are the Signs of A Rodent Infestation in my Attic?

  • Rodent droppings
  • Chewed electrical wiring and exposed tubing
  • Chewed home insulation

Which Rodents are Most Likely to Invade?

The most common culprits are mice and rats, although squirrels, moles and almost any other member of the rodent family have been known to make a home in the attics of Dallas area homeowners.

What Can I do?

First, consider the dangers you risk by letting rodents have an extended stay in your attic. Without proper ventilation, rodent droppings can create a health risk for your family. Chewed electrical wiring can create a fire hazard in your home and at the very least, chewed wire and tubing may cause important systems in your home to stop working and need potentially expensive repairs.

For this, you need professional help. Only a true expert on rodents in the attic can sniff out the culprits, remove them and seal off potential entry points, ensuring that your rodent problem will be a one time occurrence. Critter Control Dallas is happy to help banish rodents from your attic and your property. For an estimate, call us at 817-222-1101 today or contact us online!


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