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Armadillo Trapping

Though they only migrated from Mexico about a century ago, the nine-banded armadillo has become quite prolific throughout Texas; so much so in fact, that it is the state’s official small mammal.  ArmadilloThey are easily recognizable by their smooth, hard armored shells that help protect them from predators, and the small pair of pointy ears atop their head. They are often found in areas with fertile soil that are heavy in grubs and insects to eat, and this happens to be a residential or commercial property much of the time. Though seemingly harmless, armadillos can do some serious property damage in their search for food and shelter.

Armadillo Damage

Armadillos like to find areas that they can dig in easily, so flower beds, gardens, and healthy lawns are prime targets. Their search for food often results in damages like:

  • Holes all around your property, hurting curb appeal and the lawn you work to maintain
  • Uprooted and damaged plants in gardens and flower beds
  • Lengthy underground burrows can cause structural problems in sidewalks, driveways, and even house foundations over time
  • Unless their holes and burrows are filled in afterwards, other nuisance animals will often use them for shelter on your property

Though armadillos are not aggressive towards people, the property damage they can do should not be overlooked.

Removal by Trapping

Armadillo removal is best carried out by having a trained professional use live traps to relocate the critters. They are naturally skittish and elusive, which can make using DIY methods of removal frustrating and ineffective. Our technicians are trained and equipped to safely trap and relocate armadillos quickly, before they can do more damage to your property.

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If you’ve spotted signs of armadillo activity on your property, don’t wait to take action. Critter Control® of Dallas is the leading wildlife management company in the area, and we can get your property back to its former glory quickly. Call us today at 817.222.1101 to schedule your complimentary consultation.


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