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Bee Removal

There are several hundred bee species native to Texas that help play a vital role in the state’s diverse native plant Dallas Bee Removalcommunities. One of the most significant processes in maintaining agriculture and natural ecosystems is pollination. In Texas, most plant pollination is carried out exclusively by bees.

Control and Safety

Although bees are essential to the environment, they can become a nuisance when taking over your home or yard. Solitary bees prefer nesting in well-drained and scarcely vegetated patches of uncovered ground. Bumblebees do not dig their nests but, instead, make homes in abandoned rodent burrows and clusters of grass in areas with flowering plants.

To help deter bees from your property, limit or remove flowering herbaceous plants or groups of flowering shrubs and trees. Standing trees and downed wood that has died also provide natural nesting sites for not only cavity-nesting bees, but a variety of other wildlife as well.

Contact the Bee Specialists for Help

Critter Control® of Dallas specializes in the live removal and relocation of bees. In addition to bee removal, we also relocate the hive and honey. If you’ve noticed a swarm of bees, don’t address the problem on your own. Critter Control® of Dallas has over 30 years of experience in safely and efficiently removing bees from your home or business.

We don’t exterminate bees but, instead, make sure to keep them in their natural habitat where they can survive and continue helping our environment. If you need assistance with extracting established beehives from inside your walls and chimney, or from beneath your roof and shed, call us today at 817-222-1101.


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