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3 Reasons Rodents Love Your Home

Reasons Rodents Love Your HomeFrom helping spread disease to chewing up belongings, rodents have been plaguing humanity since the dawn of time. The last thing a homeowner wants is one of these pests infesting their home. That’s why it is important to know what these vermin seek so that you can reduce the desirability of your property and limit their access into your living quarters. Here are the top three things rodents love about your home.

  1. Shelter

Like many creatures, rodents want a place to live that is protected from the weather and elements. Usually, they prefer small warm places where they can feel secure and cozy. This leads rodents to often reside in attics as it is nice and warm compared to the outdoors. A routine check of your attic and other vulnerable areas can help make sure that rats are not getting too comfortable in your home.

  1. Food

Your home contains an unending supply of food that rodents love to consume. However, their appetite is not limited to the food that you like to eat. Since their teeth constantly grow, rodents are apt to chew on anything within their line of sight. That means your drywall, wood, wires, and other home materials can be munched on—resulting in significant damage. To keep rodents away from your home, ensure that all food and trash is properly sealed so that the smells do not entice any furry visitors.

  1. Water

Rodents need water to live, and your home’s indoor plumbing provides them with a constant source of available water. Be it from pet bowls, plumbing faucets, or leaks in a basement, these creatures love to find spots where they can quench their thirst. Solving any leaks in your home can go a long way towards preventing vermin from intruding your home to get a drink.

Pest Protection in Dallas

Rats and other types of rodents are frustrating creatures to deal with, as they are very sneaky and can cause major damage if not dealt with promptly. At Critter Control© of Dallas, we can help you with any pest problems you may have and keep your home rodent free. Call us for a free estimate today at 817-222-1101.

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