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How to Identify Rodent Entry Points Around Your Home

Identify Rodent Entry PointsRodents might not cover their tracks once they enter your home, but they might not leave a trail of droppings for you to follow either. To identify potential rodent entry points around your property, here are all of the places to check from top to bottom.

Roof and Attic

You don’t necessarily have to climb on top of your roof to know if there are holes, gaps, or cracks that rodents can fit through. Visit your attic and check for any signs of openings, including cracks of light shining through or holes with leaking rainwater. While you’re up there, inspect your attic vents to make sure there are no dented or damaged areas that rodents could pry open for entry.

Outside Walls

If you live in a brick home, check in between the bricks of your foundation to search for any gaps that mice or rats could squeeze into. Look for decaying materials around the foundation of your home that rodents could chew open. And, if you have a screened porch, check the screening around the area to see if squirrels, raccoons, or other rodents have tried or managed to scratch their way through.

Doors and Windows

Even if you don’t leave them propped open to bring in fresh air, doors and windows can be a major entryway for rodents. When they aren’t properly fit or sealed into their frame, doors and windows leave gaps that wildlife can widen over time. The same concept applies for the window and door frames inside your garage, as these can easily warp from rain, exposure, and attempted rodent entry.

Cables, Lines, and Pipes

Anything that flows from the interior to the exterior of your home can create a potential entry point. Follow the utility lines and plumbing pipes outside to check for additional space between the pipe or cable and exterior wall. And, if you’ve switched cable, internet, or home phone providers more than once, you probably have a few extra holes around your home’s perimeter that need inspection as well.

Wildlife Partner in Dallas

It only takes one hole, gap, or crack for a rodent to open up your home to the world of wildlife. And even if you’re thorough in your inspection, you could still easily end up missing a handful of potential entry points—putting your property at risk. If you want to make sure that every entry point is sealed and secured, team up with the wildlife professionals at Critter Control® of Dallas. We can start a full-scale investigation to locate and screen, fill, or cap any space that rodents could use to invade your home. For more information, call us today at 817-222-1101.

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