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The Best Ways to Keep Snakes Away from Your Home

The Best Ways to Keep Snakes Away from Your HomeWhen you want to keep strangers from wading around your yard, you install signals that make intruders feel unwelcome. However, no matter how many “No Trespassing” signs you decorate your yard with, there are some visitors that just don’t get the message, including nearby snakes. So, if you want to protect your property from passerby snakes, take a look at the strategies that will send them slithering.

Regularly Clean Your Yard

You can still have an active garden and a bounty of fresh produce growing in your yard; you just need to make sure that your growth doesn’t get out of hand. If you have excess growth in your flowerbeds or ripe fruits spread across your lawn, snakes will see those signs as an open invitation to explore what else your property has to offer. Regularly trimming overgrowth and cleaning up fallen fruits removes a lot of interest for nearby snakes. Similarly, if you like to decorate your outdoor atmosphere with bird feeders, clean up the spilled feed from your grass to keep snakes from slithering inside.

Treat Your Other Pest Problem

Snakes can become a pest when they sense the presence of other pests nesting on your property. Reptiles primarily feed on other creatures, including:

If you have an existing pest problem that you’ve neglected to prioritize, you might be creating an entirely separate issue without even realizing. So, if you come across another pest on your property, contact professional services to remove the wildlife and seal any remaining entryways.

Create Snake Repellent

You shouldn’t try to DIY your way out of a snake infestation; however, you can easily prevent a problem from starting with some simple, at-home solutions. Likewise, you should never try to confront a snake with any tools or traps, but you can spray your perimeter to keep them from visiting. Ammonia is a strong repellent for slithering snakes, which makes it an important ingredient for snake spray. Simply spraying an ammonia solution around your home, yard, and outdoor additions can send any wandering snakes in the other direction.

Partner with Your Local Pest Professionals

At Critter Control® of Dallas, our mission is to protect the citizens and wildlife of our city. That’s why we specialize in a range of residential pest control and prevention services. If you find one of these reptiles anywhere near your residence, contact our pest professionals for a safe and effective solution. For more information on our series of snake services, call 817-222-1101 today.

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