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How to Remove the Dead Animal Smell from Your Home

How to Remove the Dead Animal Smell from Your HomeWhen a wild animal invades your home, the sound and damage it makes can be a frustrating nuisance. However, if that critter were to perish within the walls, attic, or structures of your residence, the smell that remains can be nauseating because a wild animal carcass can take weeks to fully decompose. Unfortunately, the smell of a decomposing animal is so overwhelming that it can be difficult to locate its source. Here are some tips on how to locate and rid your home of the dead animal smell as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If You Can Find the Dead Animal:

  • Wear protective gloves when attempting to remove the animal or call an expert to handle it.
  • Dispose of the carcass by burying, burning (if allowed), or throwing it in the trash.
  • Clean and sanitize the area using an enzymatic cleaner like Ultrazyme or EmPower foam.
  • Clean any fabric that may have been contaminated such as curtains or rugs and throw them in the wash with Hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or Pine Sol.
  • Dispose of and replace any material that can not be fully sanitized like attic insulation.

If You Can’t Find the Dead Animal:

  • Locate the general vicinity of the odor and drill discrete holes to release the smell.
  • Use a strong odor eliminating spray like Bac-A-Zap and spray into the holes you created.
  • Hang odor eliminating bags in the area.
  • Replace the bags regularly and keep spraying into the holes until the odor dissipates.
  • Plug up the holes afterwards.

Additional Dead Animal Smell Elimination Tips

  • Ventilate the Area

    Keep the area ventilated by opening up some windows and setting up fans — especially when the animal is in an unreachable place.

  • Use Household Deodorizers

    Bleach-soaked rags, baking soda, coffee grounds, and even charcoal can help deodorize the stench of a dead animal while Lysol and Febreze can help sanitize.

  • Freshen the Air

    Some easy air freshening tips would be using scented candles, an essential oils diffuser, incense, or even some potent dried herbs in a cloth to freshen the smell of the air.

Dead Animal Removal Experts

If you hear noises inside your wall, or notice any odors contact Critter Control® of Dallas to perform a free animal entry home inspection. Our certified wildlife management technicians will identify the cause of the disturbance and locate and remove the animals. After they’re gone, we’ll help keep them out by sealing all the entry ways in to your walls or attic. We can even repair the damage caused by the pests while they were making your home their own. Call Critter Control® of Dallas at 469-805-6267 and let us show you why we’re the best choice in animal removal.

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