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How Do Squirrels Get in My Attic?

The first sign of a possible squirrel problem is hearing sounds of scampering overhead early in the morning or as you’re sitting down to eat dinner. Once you head to the attic to investigate, you may be welcomed by a distinctive animal smell. You look over and catch sight of a bushy tail and confirm you have a squirrel living in your attic.

What Dangers Does a Squirrel Infestation Cause?

While looking for entry points into your attic, squirrels may cause damage to soffits, siding, chimney flashing, fascia boards, and various types of exhaust fans. Once a squirrel has gained access into your attic, they will build nests with outside materials they have brought in such as sticks and moss. Since animals do not have a designated bathroom area, they will leave urine and droppings throughout the attic.

Although rare through transmission, squirrels can carry pathogens like salmonella and rabies. They can also damage property from gnawing on wood to chewing through wires, causing potential fire hazards.

Why Do Squirrels Like Living in Attics?

Squirrels favor building their nests near openings like loose or rotten trim boards and unscreened vents. It’s not uncommon to find adult female squirrels nesting in your attic as they are easily able to store food and raise their young. Attics also allow squirrels to build their nests in a warm and safe environment without fear from outside elements or predators.

How Can I Prevent Squirrels from Making My Attic Their Home?

There are laws in many states that do not allow the trapping and relocation of squirrels without a permit, making squirrel removal a much more complicated process to achieve both humanely and legally.

Making sure tree branches are cut will lessen a squirrel’s access to the roof, while chimney caps help keep squirrels out of the chimney as well as any other wildlife such as birds, bats, and raccoons.

If you have bird feeders in your yard that squirrels eat from, try buying ones that don’t drop seeds on the ground. You can also try putting cayenne pepper on the bird feed. Birds won’t notice the difference, but the squirrels will. Making an effort to deter squirrels from being in your yard, can help prevent them from making your attic their home. Contact us on the web or call us at 817-222-1101 to schedule a free consultation.

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