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Do Cardboard Boxes Attract Rodents to My Attic?

Do Cardboard Boxes Attract Rodents

Food is not the only main attraction for rodents. Just as we believe our homes to be safe spaces, some rodents may also find that to be true in the cardboard boxes tucked away in our attics. By storing cardboard boxes in your attic, you could be unintentionally inviting rats, mice, and other rodents into your home. 

Signs of Rodents in Your Attic

There are several signs to identify the presence of rodents are in your attic. You may hear noises such as scratching or clawing, especially at night. Some rodents also emit high-pitched squeaking noises to communicate with other rodents in your home. Other telltale signs include footprints and trail marks or grease stains and rodent droppings near attic entry ways.

Why Rodents Love Cardboard Boxes

Rodents seek areas that are inaccessible to humans but close to food and water sources. While of little value to humans, an old discarded box in the attic can act as a soft and comfortable source of shelter for a rodent. By providing ample space for nesting and sleeping, a cardboard box makes the perfect breeding ground because they are dark, warm, and enclosed. Rodents can also chew on cardboard to help dull their teeth and satisfy their need to gnaw while using them to protect their growing brood.

Keeping Rodents Out of Boxes

Effective ways to remove rodents from boxes and keep them away for long periods of time include: 

  • Throw Out Your Cardboard Boxes – If the rodents are attracted to your cardboard, then get rid of it. Simply toss your old or loose cardboard boxes and opt for plastic storage containers instead. Airtight containers are better suited to keep out rodents and protect your belongings.
  • Reduce water sources – Check for and eliminate any water leaks and condensation in your attic. Rodents look for sources of drinking water in areas of pooling water, which may form on or around cardboard boxes that held liquid. It is also important to remove access to areas where boxes are stored. This means sealing cracks and screening doors and windows.

If you currently have rodents in your attic, avoid the trappings of DIY removal. Many store-bought or homemade traps are ineffective and could cause harm to both you and the rodent. Instead, rely on professionals for quick, efficient, and safe rodent removal.

Effective Rodent Removal

Turn to the animal control specialists at Critter Control® of Dallas to effectively and humanely remove rodents in your attic or home. After all, wild critters like rats, mice, and squirrels are frustrating enough to deal with, so don’t try and take their removal on your own. With our eco-friendly pest control techniques, we will return your home to a safe environment and put an end to any future infestations. Call us for a free estimate today at 817-222-1101.

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