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Common Rodents in Dallas to Protect Your Property From

Common Rodents in Dallas to Protect Your Property FromThanks to its hilly landscape and diverse terrain, Dallas is the ideal home for beautiful and exotic animals. Unfortunately, there are also pesky rodents that roam the area and damage nearby property. Rodents are the guiltiest culprits, because they are notorious for scurrying into homes and businesses without welcome. Do you want to know the common rodents you should protect your property from? We’ve got the list right here for you. 

The House Mouse

These little guys are smaller on the rodent spectrum but still cause large amounts of damage. How can you tell the difference between a rat and a mouse? A house mouse will be smaller in size but have larger ears. They are about five to seven inches in length with grayish-brown fur. You’ll usually find them tucked under cabinets, furniture, kitchen appliances, and other small spaces. Because of their great hearing and vision, house mice quickly get comfortable lounging in your home and even in your business. What’s worse is their ability to squirm through a ¼-inch hole — which means they don’t need much space to enter yours. 

The Norway Rat

The Norway rat is the largest and most aggressive Texas rodent. Ranging from a whopping seven to nine inches in size, you can usually identify Norway rats by their thick tail and small ears. They also have bristly, brown fur sprinkled with black hairs and are more likely to enter your home or business in the middle of the night. What draws them in? Savory proteins and carbs left out in the open, like chicken, fish, and grains. Because they are expert diggers, you can find Norway rats underneath your building or burrowing through your garbage.

The Roof Rat

Roof rats are smaller than Norway rats — roughly six to eight inches — with dark brown fur. You can identify a roof rat by its pointy nose. The name “roof rat” came from their cunning efforts to find shelter in the highest points of each building. These critters spend most of their lives elevated at least four feet off the ground. Unlike Norway rats, you’ll often find roof rats climbing trees, garbage cans, or even walls to access your roof. Once inside your building, they will tear your insulation, create a nest, and stick around until told otherwise.

Keep Your Property Protected

It only takes one hole, gap, or crack for one of these rodents to infiltrate your home. Protect your property from these common rodents by partnering with the wildlife professionals at Critter Control® of Dallas. With over three decades of experience, our technicians will identify entry points and remove all wildlife from your home with humane rodent services. For more information, call us today at 817-222-1101 for a free inspection.

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