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How to Remove a Dead Animal Smell

How to Remove a Dead Animal SmellAs a homeowner, finding a dead animal in your home is an unfortunate, but possible, situation that you could one day face, especially if your property is not well maintained or regularly inspected by pest control professionals. In addition to getting rid of the dead animal’s carcass, you’ll also have to remove the unmistakable smell it creates. Here’s how to get rid of a dead animal smell from your property.

Removing a Dead Animal Smell from Your Home

The first thing you’ll want to do is identify where in your house the odor’s coming from. It’ll most likely be around your attic, air vents or walls as that’s how most animals enter your home. Some signs to look out for include:

  • Stronger areas of odor in certain parts of your home
  • Grease stains around floors or walls
  • Other pests, such as flies

After you remove a dead animal from your property, you’ll want to thoroughly wash the area where its body was. Use a strong disinfectant and warm water to prevent the smell from spreading. It’s also a good idea to wear gloves. Once the area is disinfected, place a cotton ball or cloth soaked in odor removal in spots where you notice the smell lingering. Odor removing sponges can also help neutralize the smell.

Ineffective Ways to Remove a Dead Animal and Its Odors

While DIY odor removal methods may take care of the job if you manage to find the dead critter quickly, you likely won’t notice a dead animal smell until it’s too late. And the longer it takes to remove a dead animal, the longer its smell will last. Unfortunately, over-the-counter deodorizers and natural at-home methods are often not strong enough to eliminate the lingering stench of a dead animal. 

Furthermore, dead animals could pose just as many health threats as live ones as their rotting carcass can be host to diseases, parasites, and contamination. So, don’t put yourself at risk by trying to get rid of the problem yourself. If you need to remove a dead animal and its smell from your home, rely on the wildlife removal professionals at Critter Control® of Dallas

Professional Dead Animal Odor Removal Services

At Critter Control® of Dallas, we pride ourselves in using eco-friendly and effective methods to remove alive or deceased critters from your home or workplace. If you’re dealing with an infestation or lingering dead animal smells, know we’re here to help. Call us at 817-222-1101 to schedule an inspection and receive a free animal removal estimate.

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