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The Risks of DIY Armadillo Trapping

Dealing with pests can be one of the most inconvenient tasks. Especially in southern areas like Dallas, wild pests like armadillos can become extremely invasive and destructive if they wander onto your property. For instance, the nuisance mammals can destroy your lawn from their constant digging, and even cause structural damage from burrowing, such as cracked concrete, broken pipes, and weakened building structures. To minimize costly repairs, it is important to get rid of an armadillo infestation as soon as it is discovered.

Common Armadillo Trapping Methods

While contacting a wildlife removal service that specializes in armadillo removal will be your safest and most reliable method of extraction, you may be tempted to try and trap an armadillo on your own. In order to conduct an armadillo removal, there are two regularly used methods. The first, and most common, way to catch an armadillo is to use a live trap. For this method, the are many important factors to ensure all goes as planned:

  1. The trap must be on a flat surface and in an area where armadillos frequent.
  2. The trigger for the trap must be completely clean.
  3. The trap should be baited with a piece of fruit or earthworms to guide the armadillo in the right direction.
  4. Using a pre-used armadillo trap will be more effective, as armadillos are drawn to the scent of other armadillos.

Although it may be tempting, taking care of your armadillo problem yourself can not only be dangerous to you, but can cause many more problems than you initially started with.

Effective Armadillo Removal

Therefore, the most highly recommended method to remove armadillos from your property is to call a wildlife removal service. From bites and scratches to the spread of harmful diseases, such as leprosy and rabies, it is easy for anything to go wrong when dealing with a wild animal. This is why your best option is to contact a local expert in the field of armadillo removal if you lack professional training.

Professional Armadillo Removal Services in Dallas

With so many risks that come with attempting to trap an armadillo yourself, it is essential to call the professionals for a smooth and easy removal. At Critter Control® of Dallas, we will quickly and humanely trap and remove nuisance armadillos from your Texas property.

Whether it’s just one armadillo, or an entire infestation, we will get the job done hassle-free. Not only do we specialize in armadillo removal, but we are equipped to handle other nuisance pests too— such as racoons, rodents, insects, and more.

For all your wildlife removal and pest control needs, contact Critter Control® of Dallas at 863-617-7476, to schedule a consultation and receive your free estimate.

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