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5 Things That Attract Rats to Your Kitchen

5 Things That Attract Rats to Your KitchenWhether you find yourself screaming at the sight of a rat or you feel indifferent about rodents, everyone can agree that having rats in your kitchen is a major health concern. Their bites can cause fevers and renal failure in humans and pets while their feces carry many diseases. To keep yourself and your family safe from the effects rats can have on your health, the first step is to eliminate the things that attract them to your kitchen in the first place.


As with all creatures, food is a primary attractant for rats. The problem with rats is that they are omnivorous, which means they will eat almost anything. Some of the most common foods that attract rats include nuts and fruit, rotten meat, pet food, and even animal byproducts like old leather. But they aren’t too picky and will scavenge for whatever they can get. To keep the rats away, store food securely in bins.

Water sources

More important than food for survival is water. Things like leaky faucets and pipes are an oasis for rats. They provide a steady source of hydration and therefore attract rats like a magnet. Tightening up loose faucets and repairing old pipes will minimize the likelihood of rats taking up residence in your kitchen.

Open Trash Cans

An open trashcan is another source of unprotected food. While you might keep your pantry food in plastic containers, open trashcans are an easy access to leftovers that rats will see as a feast.


The insulation, wood, and wires found inside your home are prime construction materials for rats. Rats have the ability to gnaw through some surprisingly dense materials, which means they can use these things to build themselves cozy nests inside of your walls.

Fruit-bearing Plants

Plants, especially nut and fruit-bearing ones, offer a huge incentive for rats. They provide a permanently replenishing source of food, and some rats like to use them as cover. If these plants are near your home, they will likely be attracted by the additional food sources they can get at inside your house.

To further help prevent rats from settling into your kitchen, contact Critter Control® of Dallas for our prevention services. If you suspect rats have already invaded, we can help! We offer free inspections and thorough, humane removal services. To book your initial inspection, call us at 469-805-6267.

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