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How Do You Get Rid of Snakes?

Python snake hiding in the house


As a Dallas-area resident, catching snakes slithering into your home, hiding in your garage, or lurking around your property isn’t an uncommon occurrence. During the summer you’ll often find snakes out and about in your yard, but in the colder winter months, snakes may prefer taking shelter inside your home.

Whether you’re dealing with rattlesnakes or black racers, if you’ve noticed snake activity at your home or business, inside or out, then try these expert-recommended tips for getting them off your Dallas property.

Ways to Get Rid of Snakes 

The following methods can help prevent and discourage snakes from living on your property.

  • Clean up to deter snakes. If your house is an uncomfortable place for a snake to live, they won’t want to stay there long. Be sure to keep your lawn manicured and hedges trimmed to prevent hiding spots in the yard. Snakes can also sneak into your home through cracks, holes, or gaps in the foundation and walls, so double check to make sure there are no exposures they can access.
  • Get rid of their food sources. When snakes set up camp in your yard or in your home, they are probably hanging around because there is a food source nearby. Check the area for signs of small prey, like rats and mice, that snakes might like to snack on.
  • Try using snake traps. At home snake removal isn’t easy—even with a trap. While snake trapping can be effective, you run the risk of accidentally luring in the wrong critters. If you do manage to capture a snake in your trap, take great care during the removal process as many snakes in Dallas are venomous.
  • Contact snake removal professionals. The fastest, safest, and most effective way to get rid of nuisance snakes, both venomous and non-venomous, is to call local wildlife removal experts who are experienced and equipped to handle invasive snakes.

Rely on Your Local Snake Removal Experts

If you encounter a snake on your Dallas/Ft. Worth property, keep a safe distance and call the wildlife removal experts at Critter Control® of Dallas. Our licensed and trained wildlife professionals use eco-friendly and humane methods of removal when it comes to getting rid of unwanted critters inside your home or workplace.

If you are dealing with a snake infestation, give us a call at 817-222-1101 to schedule an inspection and receive a free snake removal estimate.

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