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Can Rats Enter the Home From Plumbing?

Can Rats Enter the Home From Plumbing?

The idea of rats in sewers is a common scene shown in movies and TV shows, but, in reality, rats do travel through underground sewers. While it is more likely that rats will find their way in to your Dallas home through small holes in the foundation or exterior walls, they have been known to enter through drain pipes and toilets. Here are some of the ways rats use sewers and plumbing to access homes and how you can prevent it.

Why Do Rats Live in Sewers? 

Rats are often found in sewers because of its comforting shelter, dark and damp atmosphere, and easily accessible sources of food and water. They are attracted to the livable temperatures that sewers provide, as sewers feel warmer during cold temperatures and cooler during hot temperatures. Sewers also provide protection from predators and are a dumping ground for garbage disposals that contain humans’ unwanted food scraps. 

Why Do Rats Leave the Sewer? 

As accommodating as sewers may seem for rats, they only act as a temporary home for these rodents. While rats are good swimmers, the constant threat of flooding may drive rats to retreat into elevated plumbing, as they can only swim well in low to moderate levels of water. Sewers are also known as breeding grounds for rats. The resulting overcrowding makes it hard to compete for food, causing rats to look elsewhere, often above ground, for new shelter. The heightened noise level of a sewer system may disturb a pack of rats, essentially pushing them out of the sewer and upward into residential plumbing.

How Rats Use Plumbing To Enter Homes

When on the move, rats can easily use their strong incisors to break through old sewer pipes already vulnerable from wear and tear. Once in the pipeline, rats can climb, swim, and crawl up through the piping to penetrate the small opening of a shower, sink, or toilet and enter a home. 

To keep rats from accessing your home through plumbing, make sure your drains are securely sealed with a metal grate or mesh covering. Also make it a habit of closing your toilet seats so that rats have fewer opportunities to make their way into your residential home. 

The Threat of a Rat Infestation

As unsettling as the thought of sewer rats climbing up your plumbing may seem, what’s worse is an infestation of contaminated rats living, nesting, and breeding in your home. If you see any chewed up pieces of wire, holes in the walls, rat droppings, small track marks, or hear squeaking and scratching noises coming from your walls, attic, or plumbing, then immediately call on the professional rat removal services of Critter Control® of Dallas to quickly and permanently get rid of these destructive and diseased rodents.

Get Rid of Rats With Critter Control®

Critter Control® of Dallas has the experience, tools, and qualifications to return your sense of comfort and provide you with a stress- and rat-free environment. Our licensed and insured technicians use of eco-friendly and humane tactics to remove nuisance wildlife and ensure that they do not return. If you discover rodents living in your property, then put your trust in Critter Control® of Dallas to get rid of them for good and keep them from coming back. Contact us today at 817-222-1101 to schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate.

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